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At Generación Verde our main goal is to actively collaborate into the making of greener cities, incorporating live vegetation where is required (everywhere).

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Vertical Gardens / Green Walls

Jardín Vertical UNAM

Jardin en UNAM – Instituo de Ingeniería

Generación Verde is the expert on installation and maintenance of Vertical Gardens / Green Walls.  We started in 2010 and give service to all México,  mainly DF and Estado de México.  Any space you have available at home we will use it as a canvas to bring spectacular peaces of  natural art to life.  It is worth mentioning that we only use REAL PLANTS / LIVING PLANTS to help recover the green areas on our city and create a zen and inspiring atmosphere for the cities population.

Our system is composed of automatized irrigation and water recirculation,  which allows you to save big amounts of water and makes it easier to give maintenance since the nutrient is poured in the water.


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Green Roofs / Living Roofs

Azotea verde con plantas atrayentes

Azoteas Verdes

Planting on roofs and walls is one of the most innovative and rapidly developing fields in the worlds ecology, horticulture and the built environment. It creates a balance between the built areas and landscaping and not just the building but to all the project.

The green roofs are an integrated system composed by materials specially designed to protect the house against environmental exposure impact and to promote the growth of vegetation on roofs terraces and the no so used open areas.

By incorporating plants you will feel their benefits,  like the capture of hazardous substances on the air,  oxygen generation, they serve as noise and acoustic insulator and attracts the Pollinating Wildlife and  in general improves the environment.

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Solar Water Heaters

Calentadores solares de colector plano. Termotanques de 170 L

Through the sustainable energy systems like the solar water heaters,  we reduce the use of LP and natural gas since the water used in the shower and kitchen will be heated thanks to the sun’s energy, reducing the pollution due to the burn of fossil fuels.

In México,  we are privileged to be located on an area where we can take advantage of sun’s energy during most of the days of the year.

For the solar water heater to work at it’s best,  needs to be installed in the highest point of your building (roof) and be free of trees and building’s shades.  The best solar water heater for you will be determined by the amount of people living in the house and how much hot water they use.

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Electricity Generation by solar power

Energía Solar

Paneles Solares y energía solar

At Generacion Verde we have the mission to provide our clients  with sustainable systems,  allowing them to save and produce energy taking advantage of sun’s energy.  Here in Mexico,  we have around 6 effective hours of sun available to generate energy.

Through the use of solar panels,  it is possible to convert the energy f the sun into electrical energy, which you can use in the house, office or store it in CFE (Comisión Federal de Electricidad) for further use through a Bi-directional meter reducing our fees to CFE every two months.

To give you a quotation,  we need to know your average electricity consumption in a year, check your roof  area and the existence of any shades of trees or buildings.

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